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Concerned about the world's clothing, Indonesia Jakarta International Exhibition for Apparel Fabrics and Yarns

Published on:2013/6/7 14:10:22

Keyword:Yarn, fiber, clothing, textiles, textile fabrics, garments, knitting, dyeing, accessories, embroidery
Introduction:Exhibition Name: JIFS2012 annual Jakarta International Textile fabrics and yarn exhibition Preparation time: May 29, 2012 --- May 30, 2012

 Exhibition Name: JIFS2012 annual Jakarta International Textile fabrics and yarn exhibition

Preparation time: May 29, 2012 --- May 30, 2012
Show Time: May 31, 2012 --- June 3, 2012
Closing time: June 3, 2012 --- June 4, 2012
Exhibition Venue: Jakarta International Exhibition Center
Organizers: CEMS International Exhibition Group
Sponsor: CEMS International Exhibition Group
Sponsors: Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry, Indonesia Exhibition Organization, Indonesian textile union, Indonesia and other clothing alliance.
Industry: Fashion / leather / textile
Region: Asia | Asia
Exhibition Description
Show Background: JIFS Jakarta Fair is CEMS fabric and yarn exhibition group exhibition brands - Dhaka International Textile yarn show (DIFS) extending in Indonesia. The exhibition will be in Jakarta, Indonesia International Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (Textech), Jakarta, Indonesia International Chemical Dyeing Exhibition (Dye + Chem) together, at home and abroad enterprises showcase their latest technologies and products to provide a one-stop service will also be in Jakarta, Indonesia textile fabrics and yarns, machinery and chemical dyeing buyers and suppliers biggest trading platform.
Market Overview:
Indonesia's exports to the U.S. apparel one of the top five countries, apparel exports over nine billion U.S. dollars, growth of over 13%. Indonesia, Asia-Pacific fiber company executives said that many foreign textile and garment manufacturers will enter Indonesia, and many have begun to turn their European orders. They believe that the industry will continue to grow, the textile industry has always been the field than people imagine stronger. Global textile manufacturers began to shift Indonesia ordered yarn and man-made fibers, while the international textile industry and clothing manufacturers have started to target Indonesia as its production base. From our fabrics export situation, China's fabric exports to developing countries, especially in the textile industry is working to develop the relative scarcity of raw materials market grew rapidly in 2008, fabric exports to Indonesia $ 758 million, an increase of 12.24%.
Why Indonesia?
Indonesia's textile, apparel and accessories industry is experiencing unprecedented rapid development, the rapid pace of development has exceeded demand in Indonesia, it became Indonesian save foreign exchange emerging to take the largest industrial sector. Indonesia's textile industry is an important industry in Indonesia, 94 million working population, 12% concentrated in the manufacturing sector ($ 11.3 million), while employment in the textile industry accounts for about 15% of the manufacturing sector (about 175 million people, do not including 2 million indirect employment of the population), the textile industry in the past 10 years the average annual Indonesia earned more than 5 billion U.S. dollars. Indonesian Ministry of Industry statistics, in 2008 Indonesia's textile exports amounted to $ 11 billion, in 2009 amounted to $ 11.8 billion, in 2010 Indonesia's textile exports amounted to 13.88 billion U.S. dollars, earned $ 11.7 billion surplus, and in 2010 added 2.25 million jobs, in 2030, added 6.17 million jobs. Indonesian textile industry has been the largest oil and gas exports outside contributors. Indonesia's textile and garment production for 70% of exports, and its two largest export market for the United States and the European Union (representing approximately 60% of total exports).
CEMS Exhibition Group headquarters was established in the United States, currently in Bangladesh, India, China, Pakistan has branch offices, the world has more than 20 offices, each year in Southeast Asia organized more than 30 international exhibitions, as Southeast Asia's famous multinational Exhibition Group. JIFS fabric and yarn show in Jakarta, Indonesia by the CEMS USA USA exhibition management services company sponsored, CEMS Bangladesh "Bangladesh exhibition management services company" and CEMS Indian company to undertake, CEMS BD was founded in 1992, is the oldest in Bangladesh, the largest and most well-known Exhibition Group, successfully organized more than 200 games professional exhibitions.
Synthetic fabrics (woven / knitted), natural fiber fabrics (woven / knitted), yarn and fiber, fancy finishing, home textiles, bags, quilts, blankets, accessories, CAD / CAM; bed linen, tablecloths, upholstery, kitchen textile fabrics, upholstery fabrics, wall decoration; fibers, monofilament and raw materials; accessories: ribbon, buttons, sewing, embroidery, artificial diamond accessories, ribbons, badges, buttons, rubber trim, buttons, zippers , shoulder pads, etc.

Keyword:Yarn, fiber, clothing, textiles, textile fabrics, garments, knitting, dyeing, accessories, embroidery

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