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China Textile Cross to ecological civilization

Published on:2013/6/5 14:37:37

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Introduction:Weaving is the originator of the industrial revolution 250 years ago, spinning jenny and Watt steam engine combines power, creating a new era of industrial civilization. The second industrial revolution, electrification and development pipeline

 Weaving is the originator of the industrial revolution 250 years ago, spinning jenny and Watt steam engine combines power, creating a new era of industrial civilization. The second industrial revolution, electrification and development pipeline, and later, digital electronics, including the occurrence of the technological revolution in the field of textiles, enriched human material life. Now, approaching the third industrial revolution, the textile industry from the industrial civilization to ecological civilization across.

Facing challenges in transition
China will be the world's textile Textile 200 years of history condensed 20 years of industrialization in the process of marketization and industrialization in China has not been completed when the new wave of industrial revolution followed, both on Chinese textile tremendous opportunity and a major challenge.
China's industrialization is not yet complete, the residual agricultural civilization surviving peasant economy system, the industrialization of agriculture lagged effect of the release of labor, textile-related quality natural fibers such as cotton linen production and circulation of market imperfections has restricted textile industrial development;
Chinese territory the majority of the textile industry distribution breadth and depth, Eastern and North-South differences in the level of development of textile giant, although the overall level of technology has greatly improved, but the enterprise survival, management, technical level, the competition model, market forms uneven;
Long as the industrialization of China's textile targeted learners catch up. In the post-industrial, from the textile big country to the textile and power, from pursuer to transcendence, learners from industrial civilization to ecological civilization creators, most companies are not ready to switch roles of preparation, from imitator to innovator's ability to training and lack of talent pool;
Resource monopolies, distribution and opportunities injustice, inequality, growing imbalances and worsening living conditions for SMEs, and the advanced stage of industrial civilization are still gaps, the practice of ecological civilization long way to go;
World and the Chinese economy is in transition, the world textile and Chinese textile industry in the post-MFA world textile network reconfiguration period, emerging textile and clothing exporting countries rise, the global transfer of the textile industry, China Textile in the face of many difficulties, but also to to achieve inclusive growth and harmonious development.
With favorable conditions
Textile is a traditional industry, is a symbol of industrial civilization, is the post-industrial era to focus on the transformation of ecological civilization, difficulty, focus, but more with favorable conditions.
China's textile industry is the livelihood of the people, there is a pillar of the international competitiveness of industry, is China one of the largest industries ecological pressure, but also the development of ecological civilization powered biggest industry.
China has not yet fully realized industrialization, modern Chinese textile major rise in half a century, especially in the past 30 years, has been in the reform refresh development model, has not yet formed path dependence, compared with Western countries, the transition to an ecological civilization costs than low.
China Textile successful acceptance of Western industrial civilization heritage, has been learning to reach the world advanced textile, accept the lesson and experience, with a commitment innovative new civilization level required height and material basis, coinciding with the period of rapid development of new opportunities in the industrial revolution, easily accept the idea of ​​the third industrial revolution techniques and patterns;
China's history, culture and traditions of China's textile and ecological civilization with a high degree of fit, Chinese textile and comprehensive strength, diversity of geographic and industry diversification, so that there is a solid foundation and broad transformation space.
Chinese textile ecological objectives
From two industrial revolution has created a new industrial civilization to ecological civilization advocated by the industrial revolution, which is a huge historical leap. Chinese textile and ecological civilization construction goals include:
Market-based eco-industrial civilization. Market Ecology (Eco-market) is a diversified market, diversification of products, competing in the market, supply and demand balanced, healthy consumption, material and spiritual fashion fashion content.
Facing the market accurately respond quickly, flexible production, real-time supply; facing the diverse needs of the market to make precise positioning, reduce resource waste and loss of market; to creativity and research and development of new products, textile and industrial products will make fashion items and works of art . Textile companies need technicians and administrators, but also need designers, artists and entrepreneurs marketers.
Based on industrial ecology industrial civilization. Industrial Ecology (Eco-industry) that is filled with innovative potential of industrial organization, balanced and orderly industrial structure, symbiotic industrial relations, embracing inclusive growth.
China's textile industry to build a collaborative and harmonious balance of the industrial system, the East Midwest specialty clusters, manufacturing base, trading platform and fashion to a rational layout, high low-level structure is clear, seamless vertical industrial chain link, play diverse product category , industrial sector diversification, industrial chain specialization, related support industries complete advantage. Textile enterprises into wisdom made from a manufacturer, creators and innovators, business management should Specialization innovation, integration integration, reflecting the skilled Jane, moving the living and Sophie is just.
Community-based eco-industrial civilization. Social Ecology (Eco-community) is based on the equitable and sustainable development of high-efficiency, network-based industrial social relations (employees, businesses, customers, the public), the Economic and Social Upgrading parallel upgrade corporate social responsibility, building a harmonious, balanced and inclusive industrial communities.
Textiles from the food chain inclusive growth economy to economy, from the thread chain relationship between the network from a single character to multiple changes in the roles. Customer service targets both, but also resources and value creation participants, suppliers and customers are no longer supply the opponent, but also stakeholders and strategic partners, the textile enterprise management should be extended to sophisticated value chain governance model, taking into account social and stakeholders of the business model and operating strategy.
Based on the industrial ecology civilization. Environmental Ecology (Eco-environment) is based on the unity of man and nature large ecological clean ecology, ecological consumption, resource conservation, environmental protection, sustainable development based on renewable resources, the economic cycle.
Textile enterprises to provide social and earth can afford, consumers can pay for clean, healthy, high-quality products, from changing the world to understand the world and respected the world, from the conquest of nature into reverence for nature, learn about nature and ecology, to improve the social ecology .