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Old-fashioned double needle machine disconnection how to solve

Published on:2013/5/14 15:25:52

Keyword:Needle plate, clothing
Introduction:Always encountered in the process of using a double-needle sewing machine, representing the disconnection problem, especially twin needle sewing machine, left needle disconnection.

 Always encountered in the process of using a double-needle sewing machine, representing the disconnection problem, especially twin needle sewing machine, left needle disconnection. 

Explore the reasons why, I believe that is because the direction of rotation of the left-handed hook just untwisting the L-line formation theory requires left needle should be used right-hand line, so that the suture is not easy untwisted. 
The right-hand line is more expensive, it is generally garment enterprises in the actual use of the most sutures or left-handed line, this requires the machine to make the necessary adjustments to adapt to the needs of the actual production. 
For a long time the old machine, we should first check the parts of each over the line, whether the line strain trunking, thread take-up line hole, feed the teeth, needle plate, if there are problems should be repaired or replacement of the parts. 
We can check the needle and feed dog sports match. Needle and feed dog sports standard position toward the chassis engraved point the arrow on the lower shaft timing belt pulleys, machine tip just down to the plane of the needle plate, feed dog and needle plate plane height. 
This synchronization is very important, timing belt can not synchronized Remove the timing belt, turn the timing belt pulleys and pulley adjustment to the standard position, then put it back. 
The hook point should be at the center of the needle when the needle from the lower dead point rise 2.5mm-3mm and 1.5mm pinhole to be adjusted by adjusting the upper and lower positions of the hook position and the needle clamp. 
When the needle into the feed dog hole, the needle should be in the center of the feed dog hole. We should carefully check the site with or without scratch feed dog hole of the needle plate over the line, and to ensure that the needle plate over the line the inner core of the gap to the hook block to maintain 0.5mm-0.8mm gap. If the needle plate over the line gap with the inner core of the hook block gap is too small, poor suture over the line too large needle plate could not fixed the inner core of the rotary hook. 
Double needle sewing thick material, the needle will produce fever phenomenon, relatively severe smoke or blown sutures. At this point, we can use silicone oil to cool the needle or appropriate to reduce the sewing speed. In the actual repair work, the operator should be adjusted accordingly depending on the fabric and process requirements of the relevant bodies of the double needle sewing machine. 
Double needle machine agencies After adjustment, we should re required by operating correctly don suture, and moderate elastic thread tension spring clip on the line. We will then piece of fabric under the presser foot, turn the pulley by hand carefully observe the suture in the smooth rotation of the rotary hook. 
Use 30/3 thick lines, we can short grinding of moon ring tilt of the tail, the use of sutures can be more smoothly rotate the hook, is conducive to the closing line. Using thick lines, the author recommends the use of thick material rotary hook, the hook opening and closing time should be as accurate as suture adjustment