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Computer embroidery machine mechanical and electrical co-ordination and peripherals matching knowledge What you need to know

Published on:2013/5/14 15:09:04

Keyword:Embroidery machine
Introduction:Computerized embroidery machine is an electromechanical integration products, different from the simple mechanical products,

 Computerized embroidery machine is an electromechanical integration products, different from the simple mechanical products, computer embroidery machine manufacturers in the choice of control systems for product design and product matching, to consider more problems, in addition to controlling the quality of the system itself consider to be considered in the control system compatible with the other components, mechanical and electrical co-ordination aspects. 

, Mechanical and electrical co-ordination 
The computer control system specific computer embroidery machine model design and applications, computer embroidery electrical control system is difficult to adapt to all the changes in the mechanical structure is control requirements. In order to be explicitly requested. 
Second, the peripheral match 
Computerized embroidery machine computer systems through the control of the executive body of the peripheral (such as motors, solenoids, etc.) action to drive embroidery mechanical movement. Therefore, the mechanical and electrical match between a direct impact on computerized embroidery machine machine performance, function parameters. 
1: the embroidery frame with stepper motor drive 
Embroidery frame weight, inertia with stepper motor output torque and torque characteristics match. The motor of the indicators are much larger than it is driven by the needs of the embroidery frame, will result in an unnecessary increase in waste volume. Conversely, if the stepper motor driving force will cause the pattern to walk, motor overheating, increased noise, reduced life. Therefore, the user select the stepper motor drive embroidered box, according to the embroidery frame size, weight, the characteristics of the transmission mechanism to select the appropriate motor. 
2: Spindle mechanical systems with the spindle drive motor 
Transmission load of the spindle of the mechanical system and the spindle drive motor output power to match. The spindle motor output power is less than the spindle drive load, it will directly affect the accuracy of the whole parking, operation stability and embroidery effects. So the user in selecting the type of spindle motor and the motor output power the drive inertia of the motor, the requirements of a full analysis of the transmission characteristics of the spindle system, and estimate the transmission inertia of the spindle drive system, the maximum load torque, and then leave a certain margin , select the appropriate spindle motor.