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Industrial washing equipment performance is good or bad is how to determine the

Published on:2013/5/14 15:07:30

Keyword:Washing machines, automation
Introduction:There are six categories of industrial washing equipment, varieties and specifications, performance characteristics different to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages

 There are six categories of industrial washing equipment, varieties and specifications, performance characteristics different to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages, there must be the basic principles of evaluation, a comprehensive evaluation is usually available from the following three aspects. Equipment performance; level of equipment design and manufacturing process; management level and service capabilities of the manufacturer. 

Equipment performance: the appearance of quality, including the three major factors, to see if can meet. First and feel the allure customers to see the first impression of the device, its shape, color, shape, whether it is satisfied, is there a good impression. The appearance decoration process perfection. The customer almost impossible to find any dissatisfied with the shortcomings. The overall layout is reasonable. Arranged neatly on the structure and layout, structured to meet the stiffness requirements. Reliability of the machine, observe the following four points of compliance. Reasonable infrastructure design, assembly, good combination. Parts, components, sophisticated manufacturing process. Material selection, surface treatment, special parts take special anti-corrosion treatment. The basic device brand status, including pressure control device, temperature control devices, motors, electrical, transmission devices are brand equipment, or imported brands of equipment. 
Operating performance, mainly to see whether the five aspects to achieve. Control system for advanced, high degree of automation, reliable equipment systems, the equipment system capacity, selectivity, a state judge at the self-test function. The operation is simple, clear, with a man-machine dialogue sound and light alarm a variety of security measures. Trouble-free operation cycle is long, the sudden failure rate at the end. Steady state operation, anti-interference ability. Noise, vibration and other environmental indicators in line with national regulations. Equipped with a sophisticated security measures, the event of inadvertent operation during operation, the device has protection from the stop. Operating costs, mainly on the three indicators of consumption of auxiliary materials, such as: washing machine detergents, dry cleaning machines used dry cleaning solvent, additives, ironing machine lubrication wax powder is also based on unit consumption. 
Overall performance indicators, domestic or foreign advanced standards of such equipment should be rated indicators contrast discrimination, the device's advanced nature, reflecting the advanced nature of the indicators, such as an external steam heated dryer in our industry The standard set forth in 1 kg of water on each evaporation clothing dryer steam consumption of 4 kg, while the German 88-year version of the DIN standard consumption is less than 2 kg, it is clear that the DIN standard than our industry-standard state-of-the-art, However, after nearly 10 years of effort, today's advanced composite duct smart dryer steam consumption has reached less than 0.8 kg. , Should be evaluated in terms of equipment design and manufacturing technology, the manufacturer of the following four factors. Equipment design ideas and the implementation of advanced standard. Equipment manufacturing process methods and the advanced nature of the technology and equipment. Management and control of the production process of the device. Whether mass production, setting production, equipment molded and degree of standardization. 
For the management level and service capabilities of the equipment manufacturers to examine the following five types of elements. Level of quality management certification. Enterprise technical force, staff quality. Business equipment status, whether modern means of processing and production capacity. Equipment sales and service capabilities. Corporate social status and major equipment affiliation, and so on. To correctly evaluate the industrial washing The contemporary industrial washing equipment, is the perfect combination of the latest automatic control technology and exquisite manufacturing process, from the appearance, performance, environmental protection, energy conservation in all aspects of state-of-the-art.